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Online tools we promise are simple, easy, fast to use.

Leveraging the best of the web and real time analysis, at Meritus Capital we make it easy to get approved for business factoring, leaving you to get on with your life.

coupled with...

Our veteran team of devoted, human, dutiful experts.

Here at Meritus Capital we are backed by years of experience in the accounts receivable factoring space.

We bring together the best of modern technology and real world experience to deliver a well rounded experience for our clients.

Meritus Capital goes above and beyond for you

Meritus Capital provides specialty finance, technology and service solutions – delivering unparalleled results for the Staffing, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and other business-to-business sectors.

Our team of seasoned professionals facilitates financing for high growth startups, excels at increasing efficiencies for emerging growth middle market companies, and guides mature companies looking to sell, acquire or expand their business.

With best-in-class, cutting-edge technology and service solutions, Meritus Capital offers more than just funding and advice. Our expertise and creativity helps you navigate the maze, and that is the Meritus Capital difference.