Invoice Factoring

Quick and easy invoice factoring get's you an immediate advance on your outstanding invoices.

Invoice Factoring In Action

Meritus Capital has the experience, staff and capital to give you immediate access to funds that your business is waiting on. It has been our passion for the last 19 years to work with our clients, help them take the next steps in growing their business, and provide the capital for them to prosper.

Are your clients on terms of 30, 60 or even 90 days, leaving you without that much needed income so you can continue to close new business, start the next project or just hire and pay your staff? It's a common problem faced by our clients, they are stuck in a cycle where they complete the work but wait to be paid months later, meanwhile opportunities seem to pass them by.

We have a proven track record of providing timely capital to businesses in a wide array of B2B industries, helping them cover their immediate needs while expanding into new states, new markets and reach new horizons.

We invite you to learn more, or start the process for yourself today!

Invoice Factoring Lines

  • Advanced Rates up to 95%
  • Discount rates from 0.35-0.63%
  • Funding Startups to $25MM lines

The Meritus Capital Difference

  • Easy online application
  • Great personal service
  • No requirement to fund all of your invoices
  • Creativity to get the tough ones done
Why our experience helps you factor invoices


  • Over 19 years of invoice factoring experience
  • Billions funded
  • Provided funding lines for companies large and small
  • Industries including Staffing, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and many other B2B businesses.

Meritus Capital turns your invoices into cash here's how we can help you!

invoice factoring cash flow

Energize Cashflow
Adequate cash flow brings a business to life.

Energize Cashflow

There is nothing worse than watching a great business with a great idea, a product, or a service die because it lacks one thing. That one thing is cash flow, the lifeblood of a business.

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Invoice Factoring Answering Questions

Invoice Factoring
Answering Common Concerns

Answering Concerns

Let us answer 6 common questions concerning factoring in general, as well as assignments, billing, and posting of your accounts receivable invoices.

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invoice factoring versus bank loans

Factoring versus Bank Loans

Better than a loan?

Considering a bank loan to navigate through a spat of pressure on your cash flow? Before you decide, take a look at how they compare with each other.

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factoring to expand your business

Expand your business
Find out ways to make it happen

How To Expand

Looking to expand your business into new areas? We have helped institutions like yours bridge the gap, find out more on how we make it a reality for our clients.

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