Temporary Staffing Factoring For Quick Growth

October 10, 2016

Hello, I'm Paul DeLuca, founder of Meritus Capital. Today we're talking about temporary staffing companies and how do they handle quick growth?

Well, the primary way that a temporary staffing company will be able to handle quick growth, is by making sure that their employees are paid on time, all the time. This is really the key element. Staffing companies can be very successful, if they win a new client that client can demand a lot of positions. Well, the employees are going to need to be paid this week. The client isn't going to pay for 30 to 60 days. So, you can bridge this gap with payroll funding. This is really the key means that will enable exponential growth. Really, when you look at it, a very small company can grow a 100, 200 employees every single week, by making sure that their employees are paid on time.

We hope that this has been informational for you and we look forward to any other questions that you may have. Please email us, we'd be happy to make them a video blog. Until then, make it a great day and we hope that you have the most success.


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