Meritus Capitals Keys To The Right Factoring Partner

August 1, 2018
Our Beliefs

Meritus Capital believes that there are keys to being a good finance partner aside from the obvious or basic terms of a deal. We try to encapsulate these for our clients and prospects coming to us looking for a good factoring service. We are not like the venture capital backed startups that do not have real world factoring experience. We are not like outdated factoring companies that are stuck in their old ways. We merge our experience of 20 years in the factoring business with the latest technology and modernized ideas to create a finance product that does not just provide cash flow for growing businesses, but so much more.

Here are a few keys that our business is built on:

  1. Benefit - We want our services to have a clear benefit to our clients, whether the benefit be growing, stabilizing, avoiding bad credit decisions or whatever the case may be. Clear benefit for our client brings beneficial results for us as well.
  2. Understanding - Having a mutual understanding in a finance relationship is extremely critical. An invoice factoring company is buying an invoice for a product or service. So we need to understand what that invoice represents and understand the business that it came from. This equips us with the ability to make smart decisions and have the insight to be as helpful as possible in outside the box situations. If the need for additional capital is there and we understand your business and the benefit the additional capital will bring, then that enables us to make a smart decision. Likewise, if our client understands our business and why we manage collateral the way we do, then the proper expectations will be present and enable a mutually satisfied and rewarding relationship.
  3. Experience in management - In our 20 years in business, we have seen billions being funded to companies in an array of industries. With that comes a lot of real world experience in collections, disputes, credit analysis and overall risk assessment. If a clients customer does not pay their bills, this is not good for us or our clients. Our 20 years of experience helps us build on the good and mitigate the bad for our clients.
  4. Efficiency - From the application to invoices for funding weekly, no one has time to waste. We are always working to improve our processes so our clients can focus on their business and not on paperwork. We try to make everything as efficient as possible so our clients can do what they do best.
  5. Transparency - Growing a business is rarely, if ever a straight line. There are ups and downs, turns, successes and failures. If there is transparency in a finance relationship then this builds trust and helps everyone make informed decisions. A finance company does not want to feel as though a client is hiding something from them just as the client wants full transparency of any issues that may arise. We bring that transparency to our clients.
  6. Communication Communication brings it all together. With good communication comes understanding, efficiency, transparency, experience and ultimately is beneficial to all parties.

If you share the same beliefs as us and are looking for a factoring company with these values, reach out at 1-877-648-3709 or sign up today.


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