Top Ten Reasons To Sell Accounts Receivable

April 25, 2016

Hello, I'm Paul DeLuca, founder of Meritus Capital. It seems that everybody loves a top 10 list and we've decided to put together our own. Ours is the top 10 reasons that companies come to us and start selling us their accounts receivable.

  1. They require consistent cash flow.
  2. Companies want credit protection.
  3. They want to have regular ongoing payroll funded.
  4. They want to import or buy more inventory.
  5. They want to fulfill a large purchase order.
  6. Quick funding or quick growth is expected and they're going to need funding quickly.
  7. They don't want to give up equity in their company.
  8. Closing and funding can happen very rapidly, sometimes in less than two days.
  9. It's a start-up company with no history in the banking world.
  10. They're seasonal business and they need to smooth out their revenue cycle.

There you have it. There's our top 10 list. We're going to develop in greater detail, each of these 10 in a further video series. We're going to take each one, discuss what the challenges are that some of our clients face and the solutions we're able to provide. Until then, we hope you the most success. We're always there to be able to discuss any of your needs and we look forward to developing this material in greater detail.


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